His answer broke my heart…Zach edit_edited-1

When we first asked Zach what he loved about Jessie’s Place, his answer broke my heart, but also made me very happy: “I love the food we get to have at Jessie’s Place,” he said.

We know that no one comes to a homeless shelter as their first choice. Zach, his mom and his brother came to us after they lost their home. Zach’s mom had worked so hard to support her two boys, but due to a chronic medical condition, she found herself without work and without a way to support her family.

But thanks to your support, help is available to moms and kids that need safe shelter, hot meals and loving support.

Because his mom was trying so hard before, Zach didn’t get to spend much time with her.  But now that we’re working to get his mom the benefits and long-term help she needs, they get to spend more time together.  “I love watching movies and reading with my mom.”  Zach also loves playing basketball and helping his mom when he can.  He absolutely loves reading aloud to anyone who will listen.

“Zach is a really great kid,” his counselor shared.  “He’s so loving and always ready to help!”

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