After years of waiting, Jessie’s Place recently received the blessing they had been looking forward too!

New windows were installed in all the 2nd floor rooms which will not only make things at Jessie’s Place brighter, but more energy-efficient as well!

The windows, which came from a generous donor, will replace the prior windows which have been at the Mission since it first opened its doors 19 years ago.  With the old windows came a lot of poor insulation which made it harder to keep cool in the summer and warm during the winter.  Oftentimes, items such as newspaper would need to be used just to fill in the holes that could be visibly seen and to also try and block out any exterior noises that would occur on the streets below.

With the new windows, not only has insulation improved, the noise level and energy bill have as well.  The residents and staff are so grateful for this new and long awaited addition to the Jessie’s Place facility!

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