The lemonade stand setup outside Justice Florist (5402 Birmingham Rd.) in June might have looked like your average mid-summer thirst-quenching stop, but the impact it has made to many is significantly bigger than filling a handful of piggy banks.

Sales underway outside of Justice Florist (contributed)

C.C. Coston, age 10, Jaxson Rosser and Cameron Helms, both age 9, decided to organize a fundraiser that would not only bring relief to passersby on a hot afternoon, but hope to many at The Jimmie Hale Mission.

Theresa Poe, grandmother of the young entrepreneurs, said on a Facebook post prior to the event that their goal was to raise $20. “Let’s show them how we roll and let them surpass that goal!! Big!!,” she added.

The children sold the lemonade for $1 per cup and anyone who made a donation through Facebook received a complimentary drink upon arrival.

The trio raised more than 22 times their goal and an influx of online contributions brought the grand total to $576.

The children were greeted by Tony Cooper at The Jimmie Hale Mission when they arrived to drop off the donation (contributed)

“These kids raised $450.00 selling lemonade for The Jimmie Hale Mission!!!!,” Poe exclaimed in a Facebook post following the fundraiser. “God bless every one of you who either donated online or came by today!!! All you people who came by and prayed with us and for us and supported them!!! We are so proud of them!!!”

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