Scott Perry (right) presents Dakota Rice (left) of the Jimmie Hale Mission with a check for $5,000 Tuesday morning at Jessie’s Place

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Mental Samurai contestant Scott Perry has donated $5,000 to Jessie’s Place “to support women and children through difficult times.” The Birmingham native made a record-setting run on the Rob Lowe-hosted game show last summer and delivered the check to the Mission this morning. 

Though Perry now runs Sperry Media, a successful entertainment marketing and consulting firm in Los Angeles, he knows firsthand what it’s like to face economic challenges growing up. He and his two brothers were raised by a single mother who held multiple jobs in order to provide for her family and ensure her children received a quality education.

Perry talks with Rob Lowe while filming Mental Samurai in June

The entrepreneur stressed his ties to Birmingham and family and pledged a portion of his winnings to the Mission while on the show. Perry presented the generous gift to Mission executive director Michael Coleman and the Jessie’s Place staff today while visiting Alabama for the holidays.

“I wanted to give back to the community in a meaningful way so that families can find their footing and thrive,” he said. “These past couple years have been especially challenging for many, so I am happy to be in a position to help, and encourage others to do so, as we head towards the holidays, year’s end, and into a more promising 2022.”