R.O.I. is a business term that stands for “Return on Investment.”  You may be wondering what that has to do with your partnership in supporting the Jimmie Hale Mission ministries, but since we consider ourselves to be in the business of getting people back to business, we wanted to share with you your return on your investment:

Derrick  – Your support gave Derrick the chance to clean up his life and walk his daughter down the aisle this past October.  Not only did you change his life, you impacted the lives of everyone in his family.




Richard – Your support reunited this father with his kids.  Because of you, Richard got the chance to get back to work, and back to life.  He got the tools he needed through our Stewart Learning Center and is proud to be there for his son and daughter.




Alyssa – You sheltered 7-year-old Alyssa and her mom when they needed help the most.  At Jessie’s Place for women and children, they received the safety, comfort and spiritual support they needed. (Alyssa (R) is pictured here with her best friend Mona (L).)




And this isn’t even close to a full report on all the lives you changed; many, many more men, women and children were helped because you chose to give to the Jimmie Hale Mission.

We hope you will partner with us again in 2015 and continue to change even more lives.  Let’s witness together what blessings God can do through you!

Thank you!