What does the NFL, the FBI and Discovery Clubs all have in common?

Not what, but who — and that person is Billy Bryan.

Billy assisting kids during Discovery Clubs.

Billy volunteers with Discovery Clubs at Tuggle Elementary School. Normally, the classroom of 4th grade boys is a bit loud and excitable when having a lesson. However, when an imposing figure such asthis former Center for the Denver Broncos stands to address the classroom full of young boys, you can hear a pin drop!

How the Kids Respond
When Billy shares his testimony with them, they listen in awe. He shares with them how Christ worked through him during his 13-year professional football career. He teaches them about how the Lord works through disappointments, such as when he was injured and couldn’t play in the 1978 Super Bowl. He shared with them though how that injury allowed him to be there at the birth of his child — something he would not have been able to do otherwise. Upon leaving the NFL, Billy immediately started working for the FBI. Though just recently retired, Billy has plenty of stories to share from his 22 1/2 years as a special agent and as a SWAT Team Leader. Though the majority of his time was spent in Birmingham, he also worked in other locations (he couldn’t tell us where!).

You Can Do What Billy Does
Though it may sound flashy and exciting, Billy is doing something anyone can do — using his God-given abilities and talents to share the gospel with others.

Through his personal testimony, Billy teaches about perseverance, faith and trust in the Lord, and following God’s call to minister to others. Since retiring from the FBI, Billy wanted to get involved with Discovery Clubs because he was concerned about what our kids are hearing. “We have to be responsible for these kids … we are all held accountable for their spiritual foundation.”

Regardless of our path in life, we all have something to share. What can you share?

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