Tours & Presentations

We love sharing with you! We welcome you to learn more about our ministries and how you can get involved by taking a tour or inviting us to give a presentation at your next event.

“I Had No Idea” Tour

So many people who came to take a tour ended up saying “I had no idea!” Thus, the “I Had No Idea” tour was born! These tours are a great way for you, your family, friends or group to learn about the inner-workings of our ministries. Please know we do not ask for donations at these tours; they are simply one-hour learning experiences.

Be sure to register for the tour (or tours) you’d like to attend. You may register online by clicking the link next to the tour you’re interested in, or just give us a call at (205) 323-5878.

  • February 7th, 10 a.m. at Jessie’s Place – Register Now
  • March 14th, 11 a.m. at Shepura Men’s Center – Register Now
  • June 6th, at 11 a.m. at Shepura Men’s Center – Register Now
  • September 5th, 11 a.m. at Shepura Men’s Center – Register Now
  • November 7th, 10 a.m. at Jessie’s Place – Register Now
  • November 9th, at 11 a.m. at Shepura Men’s Center – Register Now
  • December 4th, 10 a.m. at Jessie’s Place – Register Now
  • December 6th, at 11 a.m. at Shepura Men’s Center – Register Now

Please email us at or call us at (205) 323-5878 if you have any questions or would like to request another tour date for your group.


If you can’t come to us, then we’ll come to you! Executive Director Tony Cooper and other staff are available to speak to your group about the Mission or present a display at your next event. We often share what we do with business, church, civic, school and professional groups.

If you’re interested in either of these opportunities, please contact our Community Relations Coordinator by email or by calling (205) 323-5878.

Downtown Jimmie Hale Mission, Inc. is a Christian-based, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, which includes a homeless shelter for men, a shelter for women and children, after-school Bible clubs, recovery programs, and three learning centers. This charity is often misspelled Jimmy Hale Mission.

Contact us at
Jimmie Hale Mission, P.O. Box 10472, Birmingham, Alabama 35202, (205) 323-5878
Jimmie Hale Mission, Inc.
  • February 7th Jessie’s Place Tour

  • March 14th Shepura Men's Center Tour

  • May2nd Jessie’s Place Tour

  • June 6th Shepura Men's Center Tour

  • August 1st Jessie’s Place Tour

  • September 5th Shepura Men's Center Tour

  • November 7th Jessie’s Place Tour

  • November 9th Shepura Men’s Center Tour

  • December 4th Jessie’s Place Tour

  • December 6th Shepura Men’s Center Tour