To look at Jenna, you see a young woman, a young mom, playing with her son and enjoying life.  And all of those details are true.  But behind her smile, Jenna revealed overcoming a very traumatic time in her life.  “When I first came to Jessie’s Place, I had been the victim of human trafficking,” Jenna shared with us.

“We were moved around a lot.”  (Constant moving is a tactic of traffickers, so their victims don’t know where they are or who to reach our to for help.)  “I only saw my son for about an hour a day,”  Jenna said.  But after breaking free from the modern-day bondage, Jenna was eager for a second chance at life.  “I wanted to give myself and my son a better life,” she said.

Hope for the Future

“When I first walked in the doors, I could feel there was an air of God in the place,” Jenna said.  With the help of Ms. Glenda in the learning center, Jenna was able to get a job.  “I work as an account manager, but I’m currently in training for management,” she said.  “More than anything, I hope for stability for me and my son.”  Because of your support, you gave Jenna “a safe place to lay my head and be with my son.”  You gave her a second chance at life.
Your donation truly helps to change lives.