The staff at Christian Service Mission during lunch on Monday

The Shepura Men’s Center kitchen staff provided lunch for the workers at the Christian Service Mission Monday afternoon as a gesture of gratitude after the fellow nonprofit played host to much of the Men’s Center’s cold storage needs during the recent freezer expansion construction.

While the original time frame for the help was projected at just three days, unforeseen delays in component delivery expanded the favor to approximately a month.

“They’re great people over there,” said Men’s Center kitchen supervisor James Poe. “We get all of our bottled water from them and everyone I’ve ever met over there has been tremendously helpful. They also helped us when the freezer went out at Royal Pines in the past. They’re just a great bunch.”

The Christian Service Mission gladly took care of the Men’s Center’s heavy freezer requirements while Poe satisfied day-to-day needs with a standing cooler and rented refrigerator in the kitchen and a rolling freezer in the pantry. These smaller-capacity units, combined with more strategic food ordering, kept the kitchen staff from having to make repeated visits to the Christian Service Mission.

“We’ve had a great relationship with them through the years,” Poe said, “and we don’t take what they do for granted. We just wanted to show our appreciation.”