I was just like Jimmie …

My life before coming to The Jimmie Hale Mission, was just like that of Jimmie Hale before his Christian-conversion.  Drinking was a daily occurrence for me and my wife didn’t like it.  I ended up giving up everything: my wife, my job, my house … just to continue drinking.

I ended up at a secular shelter in Florida.  I didn’t feel like I was getting what I needed there; plus, when I lost the job I was working down there, I couldn’t afford their almost $200 a week ‘ shelter’ fee.  As I was leaving, another gentleman told me about The Jimmie Hale Mission.  I had nowhere else to go, and that ended up being the best decision I’d made in the past seven years.

In Class for Blog Pic

A Lawson State instructor teaches Loman during their Electrical program

A Blessing in Birmingham …

My time at the Mission has been such a blessing.  Not only have I grown closer to God, but I graduated the program i April and got a job in July.  I’ve learned so much in my time here.  I’m looking forward to continuing to work and getting an apartment.  I’ve just finished a program that the Mission helped me get into – it’s an Electrical program offered at Lawson State Community College.  I feel like the Lord has led me to Birmingham and I plan on living here, working here and staying here.  I’ve found a church here that I also like very much.

Family Ties …

My relationship with my family is back to where it was before I started drinking.  My mother is so proud of me.  My siblings and my kids are so happy that I got back on track.

BLESS YOU to those who helped make this possible.  God is great and can do anything; He has never turned his back on me, but instead used YOU and The Jimmie Hale Mission to bring me back.

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