The Jimmie Hale Mission was so blessed to receive a visit by three young philanthropists from Tuscaloosa County.

Miles, Ella Grace and Elijah hold up their completed placemats.

(L-R: Miles, Ella Grace, Terry Preston – Community Relations, and Elijah)

Six-year-old Miles and Elijah, and nine-year-old Ella Grace were thrilled to donate money they collected to help the men of our Shepura Men’s Center.

It started out with money he (Miles) received from the tooth fairy and then it grew from there,” says Elesha Ergle, Miles’ mom. The money from the tooth fairy along with other contributions from family and friends would equal to about a $300 donation to the Mission.

Miles would soon get his entire class involved through their donation of decorated placemats during our Project Placemat campaign that the Jimmie Hale Mission holds during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

In addition to donating, the trio received a first-hand tour of the Mission and got an idea of how important their donation to our ministry is, in hopes that they will continue this tradition of giving back to the community.