Truman and staff member Marvin review a Biblical study guide together.

Truman first came to the Mission on a freezing cold, wet day in February. “I was almost dead,” he said.  “I was freezing, wet and very hungry; I was in really bad shape.”  In another life, Truman had been a music teacher to special needs students. He had his own music school in Nashville and really enjoyed teaching music to the kids. “I felt like I really connected with them,” Truman recalled.

But when the economy faltered in 2009, Truman closed up the music shop and returned to Alabama to care for his ailing mother. In his caretaker role, his own health quickly deteriorated. By the time his mother passed, Truman found himself suffering from multiple stomach and kidney tumors. He was struggling and found himself homeless.

Warm Hearts Changed His Life
“When I came to the Jimmie Hale Mission, they took me in and let me take a hot shower, gave me a hot meal and clean clothes, and gave me a warm bed to sleep in,” Truman shared. “They were so helpful and polite and most of all, they cared!”

Truman was most impressed with how the Mission helped with his medical issues. “They helped with all my medical needs, provided transportation to appointments and helped me get insurance.”  According to Truman, he’s now in much better health. “I was in bad shape, but now I’m much better,” he said.

Truman really stressed how genuinely caring the chaplains were and how much they helped him during his stay. “They took good care of me,” he shared.

Truman is in such good shape, that’s he now going back to school to learn how to be a counselor and help others. He’s also working part-time and spends at least 25 hours a week studying his Bible. “God is here in the Jimmie Hale Mission and I truly believe He’s the reason I’m here today.”

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