Samantha was in 2nd grade…
Samantha was in 2nd grade when she started attending Discovery Clubs at her elementary school.  Her mom, Micheal, was a self-proclaimed agnostic.  “When Sam started asking me questions about Jesus, I decided she could go and get the answers she wanted…it didn’t matter to me if she chose to Nesbitt Family 1believe it or not,” Micheal said.


That decision would change the entire family forever.
“My 7-year-old was asking more questions, so we decided to take both of our girls to church,” Micheal recalled.  “And I found that I actually enjoyed going.”

“One day, the pastor of the church we were attending asked if we wanted to join,” Micheal said.  “I decided I needed to tell the pastor how I felt, so I wrote him a four page letter about how I thought Christianity was just a nice fairy tale.”

After reading the letter, her pastor gave her a book to read; “I was amazed he didn’t condemn me or berate – he treated me with respect,” Micheal said.  “He just asked me to keep an open mind.”

Later that night, Micheal asked Jesus into her heart.  “There was a feeling of having a weight lifted off of my shoulders,” she recalled.

In October of 2013, Samantha and her mom Micheal were both baptized.

Without Discovery Clubs, I would have never taken my children to church; Discovery Clubs led us to church, which led us to a relationship with Jesus…and our entire family is now changed forever!

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