Keith’s excitement was contagious!Keith Envelope Image

Keith was excited to invite us to visit him on the job.  He was all smiles as he showed us around and shared his testimony with us.

What a blessing the Mission has been to my life.

Keith has suffered from a drug addiction that had cost him everything.  “I was so ashamed of myself,” Keith shared.  “When I lost my job, I started sleeping in my car.”

Keith didn’t want to admit that he needed help.  It wasn’t until his sister found him asleep in the car that things took a turn.  “That was when I knew I had to change,” Keith said.

That was eight years ago.  Keith went through our recovery program eight years ago and is still doing great.  Through our learning center, he was able to get a job at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) and he’s been there ever since!  Keith also just started a second job at Iron city.

“There are days I can’t believe how blessed I am to have two jobs, when for so long I didn’t even have one,” he said.

Keith also renewed his faith during his stay at the Mission which helped him through another difficult time.  My sweet sister passed away two years ago and that was very hard,” Keith shared.  “I almost relapsed, but I had my faith in God to rely on during that time.”

“I am so thankful for many things – my life, and all the people who made it possible.  I owe everything to God and to the people who make the Jimmie Hale Mission possible.”

THANK YOU for making our ministries possible for people like Keith and so many others! 

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