Stewart Learning Centers

A place where men and women can earn the education, skills and attitudes crucial to entering back into the workforce and to gaining self-sufficiency.

Stewart Learning Center

What Are the Stewart Learning Centers?

The Stewart Learning Centers are in three locations – at our Shepura Men’s Center, Jessie’s Place for women and children, and Royal pines – where clients can focus on education remediation and job readiness. Any one of our Stewart Learning Centers provide assistance for someone re-entering the workforce and help eliminate the barriers to employment.

What Do We Do?

A person is what a person does. Yet without skills and discipline, how can a person survive in our demanding world? By helping people gain self-respect and confidence, the Stewart Learning Centers help lead them toward employment. We do this through Christ-centered discipline that transforms students into reliable and trust-worthy employees.

The result? Men and women who have value to the world and most importantly, to themselves. That’s why our Stewart Learning Centers are the Word at work.

What Do We Offer?

For guests, Stewart Learning Centers provide the desperately needed skills, education and understanding of work habits needed to be self-sufficient through:

  • Basic skills training such as writing, math, budgeting and more
  • Literacy program
  • GED preparation
  • Résumé preparation and job search assistance
  • Job interview skills training

For the business community, we provide qualified, motivated and trustworthy workers at a time when they are in short supply.

For the community, we take people who are considered unemployable and transform them into valuable and productive members of society once again.

Stewart Learning Centers
Birmingham area (men) • (205) 323-5878 • Email
Birmingham area (women) • (205) 323-0170 • Email
Hayden area (men) • (256) 352-9444 • Email
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