How We Help

Since 1944, the Jimmie Hale Mission has been helping those caught in the grasp of homelessness to escape life on the street and become healthy members of the community.

Our holistic services are offered for free to all in need.

Our comprehensive approach begins with an initial 16-week residential program that provides clients with the tools they need to transform their lives. Trained counselors and recovery coaches work individually and in small groups to help clients develop five areas of personal health: physical, mental, relational, vocational and spiritual. Program topics include how to put together a life plan, making value-based decisions, healthy relationships, emotional maturity, anger management, parenting, and family stabilization.

Additionally, because recent statistics reveal that more and more of the homeless population in our community is plagued by substance abuse, we have added specific programming to help clients gain control over their addictions. This Active Recovery program is an in-depth, clinically-structured Christian approach to helping our clients understand and overcome the very issues that contribute to their substance abuse. By addressing these deeper challenges we can help our clients once again become self-sufficient and productive citizens.

We also provide residents with an educational curriculum through our Stewart Learning Centers that includes adult basic education, GED preparation, and workplace development, as well as training for accredited short-term certificates, industry-based certifications, and college enrollment.

Following graduation from our initial 16-week program, clients are encouraged to stay in our Continuum of Care program which allows them to remain living at the Mission and receive continued supportive services while they begin working and/or going to school.