From Addiction to a Changed Life

Weak from Hunger Dwight struggled with addiction to alcohol and according to him was “just surviving, not thriving.”  Alcohol had ended his career as a teacher and he was living off $194 a month in food stamps. “I was just living off of ramen noodles,” he shared.  “I was physically weak,” Dwight said.  “I would donate plasma for…

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New Certifications offered for Mission residents

A new program for the clients at the Jimmie Hale Mission is underway! Two new certifications that clients can receive have now been made possible through the AIDT.  The AIDT is a statewide training institute that provides workforce development for Alabama’s new and expanding businesses, and to expand the opportunities of its citizens through the jobs these businesses…

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Under the Pine Trees

Growing up, both DeMarcus’ parents struggled with addiction issues.  And according to the AAETS*, “…children of addicts are 3 to 4 times more likely to develop a chemical dependency.” So it wasn’t too surprising when DeMarcus came to Royal Pines asking for help. “It was under those pine trees that I accepted Christ and changed my life.”…

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Things get a little brighter at Jessie’s Place

After years of waiting, Jessie’s Place recently received the blessing they had been looking forward too! New windows were installed in all the 2nd floor rooms which will not only make things at Jessie’s Place brighter, but more energy-efficient as well! The windows, which came from a generous donor, will replace the prior windows which…

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God’s Better Plan – Gina’s Story

What can I say? God is great! “My family and I have served at the Jimmie Hale Mission for about 4 years or so. We serve Thanksgiving day and Christmas night. We look forward to our time at the Jimmie Hale Mission each year.  Last Christmas, we arrived during a tornado warning, so we never…

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Downtown Jimmie Hale Mission, Inc. is a Christian-based, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, which includes a homeless shelter for men, a shelter for women and children, after-school Bible clubs, recovery programs, learning centers, and thrift stores. This charity is often misspelled Jimmy Hale Mission.

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