Brian and Daniel

Brian and his brother Daniel.

They had nowhere to go …

Car trouble.  It might be an inconvenience to you or I, but to Brian’s mom, it proved to be the ignition that started a horrible chain of events.  Because she had no reliable transportation, she then lost her job.

After reaching out to a local church, Brian, his mom and his brothers were led to Jessie’s Place.

At Jessie’s Place, we’re helping Brian’s family reconnect with distant family members, who could be an important support system for them.  Brian and his family are going to see some of these extended family members soon and he said, “I can’t wait to give them hugs!

While at Jessie’s Place, Brian and his brothers also recently attended their first minor league baseball game – they got to watch the Birmingham Barons play.

Brian and Daniel and Mom 2014

Mom, Daniel and Brian at Jessie’s Place.

Brian and his brothers love the new chance at life you’re support has helped give them.  They’ve been able to do things kids should be able to do, and not worry about where they sleep at night.

At our ministries, we focus on long-term changes, and Brian’s mom is making great strides – she’s working toward getting her GED and has a job interview very soon!

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