From Homeless, to a New Home

“…On the verge of being on the street…”

“Before coming to Jessie’s Place, we were literally on the verge of being on the street,” Sarah shared with us. They had just moved from Florida to Alabama for safety reasons.  Sarah was pregnant with her third son when they needed to move and find a safe place to live.

“Right after getting out of the hospital we were staying in a Motel 6, and I didn’t know what to do,” Sarah said. “I was so nervous!”  Sarah called her family for help. They suggested she call Jessie’s Place. She moved in two days after making that call.  “When me and my boys walked into Jessie’s Place they welcomed us with open arms! Every staff member is just so amazing here!” Sarah said.

Nothing but the clothes on their backs…
“Jessie’s Place helped us so much,” she shared. “We came with NOTHING but the clothes on our backs and one suitcase between the four of us.”  “The very first day at Jessie’s Place, they gave us everything we needed, plus some toys for the boys,” Sarah recalled. “I thank God for looking out for us and for blessing my family with help from Jessie’s Place.”
After nine months at Jessie’s Place, Sarah and her boys got their own place! Sarah is now back on her feet and her and the boys have a safe place to call home.

Your support makes Jessie’s Place possible.  Your support provides safe shelter, meals and support to the women and children who are in need of these services.  

Will you make a gift to help other moms and kids? Moms and kids just like Sarah and her boys.  Your donation will help other moms and kids that need a safe place to stay, nourishing meals, and resources to get back on their feet.  Click here to give online today!

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  1. Minister Mary Jo Mosley

    Praise God. Rev. Mosley and Myself Minister Mary Jo Mosley, Have Always Supported Jimmie Hale Mission. I Visited Birmingham Alabama for Christmas and Donated Time Wrapping Gifts. Thats All I Could Afford to Do. My Finances Changed Drastically After Rev. Mosley Went To be with God. But Soon I Will Be Able to Bless Financially. Jimmie Hale Royal Pines Rehabilitation Center Saved My Son’s Life Years Ago. I Thank God For Jessie Place and All the Ministries That’s Operating Under Jimmie Hale Mission. May God Continue to Bless Everyone That’s Associated With Yall. Minister Mary Jo Mosley.

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