Weak from Hunger

Dwight struggled with addiction to alcohol and according to him was “just surviving, not thriving.”  Alcohol had ended his career as a teacher and he was living off $194 a month in food stamps.

“I was just living off of ramen noodles,” he shared.  “I was physically weak,” Dwight said.  “I would donate plasma for money, but it was a four-mile walk and I would nearly pass out.”  Dwight was tired of just existing.  “I wanted to learn how to live again,” he said.  So this July, he came to the Mission’s Shepura Men’s Center.  The first thing he received was a hot, nutritious meal.  “It’s the little things like that that we take for granted, but I was so thankful for that meal,” Dwight said.

Now that Dwight’s physical needs have been met, he’s able to focus on the future.  “The structure of their program really helped me change,” he said.  “Now I have hope and I’m excited about the future.”  Now that Dwight is sober, he is focusing on going back to school and getting a master’s degree. “I want to go back to school for addiction counseling and help others as I was helped,”  he shared.

 A Meal = A Changed Life


Since joining the life recovery program at the Mission, Dwight has changed spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  “I’ve definitely gained weight since being here, ” Dwight said with a laugh.  Dwight’s faith is also much stronger now.  “Now, I encourage others; I want to help them get to where I am now,” he said.  It’s your support that has helped transform Dwight’s lif and the lives of others like him.  Because of you, Dwight is now focusing on his very exciting future and looks forward to helping others, as he was once helped.  “I’m so happy I had the chance to come here,” he shared.

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