Kitchen supervisor James Poe verifies new inventory for the freezer


All but the final touches are complete on the freezer expansion in the dining hall at the Shepura Men’s Center. The renovation, which was made possible thanks to a grant from an anonymous donor last year, added approximately 760 cubic feet of additional space.

The storage is divided into both a freezer and cooler, with the former component accounting for two-thirds of the total expansion. Some trim work still remains on the cooler side, but the unit is already completely operational.

Floor plan for the expansion


The unit will not only provide ample room for the Mission’s weekly food deliveries, but enables the Center to receive significantly more food donations. In the past, these provisions were often turned away because sufficient space wasn’t available in the freezer. These donations are vital to keeping food costs manageable.

In fact, just two days after the freezer reached the optimal temperature, the Center took possession of two major frozen food donations with a third expected to arrive Thursday afternoon.

James Poe organizes food on the racks

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