Greystone Country Club Menu 2016“Everybody deserves some good things in life..”

And our clients at the Shepura Men’s Center received just that.  On Sunday, December 27th, Chef Andre’ Halston and his staff of four from the Greystone Country Club visited the Mission; not just to serve a meal, but to prepare it from scratch and individually serve each client.

Typically the men come through the serving line themselves, but Chef Andre’ insisted on serving the men himself.  Each of our clients was served a full, sit down meal including salad, fresh vegetables and marinated chicken that Chef Andre’ and his staff began preparing at 3:30 that afternoon.

20151227_173159Chef Andre’ has a proven track record and has cooked for President Mikhail Gorbachev, the Queen of England & Princess Anne, and two Secretaries of State.
(Read more about Chef Andre here)

While having a chef prepare a meal from scratch at our shelter doesn’t happen often, our clients felt more than special to have this rare treat occur at the Mission.

Would you like to volunteer to help serve a meal with us?  You don’t have to be a cook!  Click here to learn more or call us (205) 323-5878 to sign up today.