Father & Daughter Reunited

“I had a good childhood and a good dad,” Chris shared with us. “My dad was my best friend and when he passed away that was very tough for me.  His death sent me into a tailspin.”

“Alcohol was my outlet and it eventually became my main issue,” Chris said. “My own relationship with my daughter suffered as I struggled with this alcohol addiction.”

“When I first came to the Mission, I had to let a lot of things go, including seeing my daughter every day, but it’s been amazing to see the changes it’s helped to make in my life,” Chris said.

                                 Chris, on a recent trip to take his daughter horseback riding

“My daughter thinks it’s wonderful!” Chris said with a smile.” “She was the first to congratulate me when I was 30 days sober.”

Chris had even more good news to share with us: “This summer, my daughter is coming to stay with me for a whole month!” Chris said excitedly. “She’s so much like me; we’re both extroverted and we get along so well.”

“I used to say I wanted to die … but now, I know I want to live for her,” Chris said. “My favorite part of coming to the Mission is seeing how my life has changed.”

It’s because of your support that Chris got a chance at a changed life and a chance to rebuild his relationship with his daughter.  Click here to donate and help other men get back to work, back to life, and back to their families!

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