Many programs provide a clinical approach to homelessness, providing clients with practical information. What sets Jimmie Hale Mission apart is that sharing the love of Christ is central to all that we do.

Sharing this life-changing love with others provides the hope, acceptance, and encouragement that begins the restoration and new life in those we serve.

For many, our program is their first exposure to Christianity. To overcome this unfamiliarity, we provide introductory classes to acquaint clients to the Bible, weekly Bible studies, small group discussion times, chapel, worship services, and the power of prayer—all based on the Truth found only in the Bible.

Jimmie Hale Mission believes that faith is an intrinsically personal journey.  Therefore, we have a variety of churches and ministry partners who provide weekly spiritual opportunities for clients to choose from.

Each week, clients select the three faith services that that speak to them to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of their own relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Word is brought by ministers and faith leaders with whom clients can relate and feel comfortable.  By providing choice within the spiritual cornerstone of our program, clients make their individual and personal connection with God.