“When I came to the Jimmie Hale Mission, it was a cold day, both in weather terms and in my life,” Harry shared with us.

“I had lost my way and lost everything I held dear, including my wife and children … all because of drugs,” Harry said.  “I couldn’t break the cycle of addiction, even after I found myself homeless and hopeless.”

According to Harry, the worst part was when he lost his connection with God.  “I even started to doubt his existence,” Harry said.  “I had definitely hit bottom.”

So on one cold winter day, Harry came to The Jimmie Hale Mission.  “My spirit was broken,” he said.

Since coming to the Mission, Harry has been going to classes, such as Conquering Chemical Dependency, and working at the Mission Possible Bargain Center in Pinson.  “I really enjoy working again,” Harry shared.  “I’m looking forward to graduating and getting back to work full-time.”

Overnight Stay Led to Long-Term Change

While Harry is enthusiastic about the future, he’s realistic about the struggle he’s overcoming.  “I didn’t get this way overnight, and it takes time to fully recover and get back to life,” he said.  “But now, I’m doing things as God wants me to do.”

Harry will graduate soon and looks forward to working full-time in plumbing.  “I’m ready to stand on my own now,” he said with a smile.

It’s your support that has helped transform Harry’s life and the lives of others like him.

Because of you, Harry is sober and overcoming the vicious cycle of addiction.  And more importantly, he’s accepted Jesus as his Lord.  “That’s when my life started to change,” Harry said.

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