Clint McLain (R) presents the donation to Tony Cooper (L)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Liberty National Life Insurance Company’s Clint McLain Agency selected the Jimmie Hale Mission as one of four faith-based nonprofit organizations in the state to receive a $2,500 “Closer to the Heart” donation at the Cullman Civic Center this afternoon.

The agency was one of nine on Liberty National’s Counsel of Champions, a distinguished group that receives grant money from the corporate office to donate to local charities of their choosing. McLain matched the $5,000 his agency received from Liberty National and divided the sum evenly among the four selected organizations.

Clint McLain discusses the Closer to the Heart donations

The home office’s Kelsey West, in coordination with the four McLain branches, chose Equines Assisting Special Individuals in Jasper, Downtown Rescue Mission in Huntsville, and Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry in Florence in addition to the Jimmie Hale Mission.

After sharing information about the Mission and its extensive history in the Birmingham area and his personal principles of success, executive director Tony Cooper went on to discuss some commonalities he identified between the Mission and the McLain Agency.

Tony Cooper speaks to the audience during the event

“You provide a service and we, at the Jimmie Hale Mission, provide a service,” he said. “You have products that you offer. Our product is the gospel. You provide life insurance. We provide eternal life insurance.”

The room erupted in applause at Cooper’s final comment.

The Clint McLain Agency has also partnered with the Mission during seasonal fundraising events in the past.


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