A client gets a haircut and facial trim


Four cosmetology students from Aveda Institute Birmingham offered complimentary haircuts to dozens of clients at the Shepura Men’s Center on Tuesday morning.

The students don’t earn any class credit in exchange for their services, but instructors Patricia Taylor and Leslie Williams said the experience they gain in the process is invaluable.

“We’ve been coming here for about two years now,” Taylor said. “One of the biggest complaints from my students was that they just weren’t doing enough men’s hair-cutting and they weren’t comfortable. So I reached out to [Men’s Center director] Demetrius Vines here and we managed to work this out. This makes the girls feel much better and more confident before going into the master program.”


An Aveda student at the Men’s Center

Another student carefully trims a clients beard


Though the numbers were fewer this trip, on average, six to eight Salon Concept students on the cusp of entering Williams’ advanced training stage of the program donate their time at the Men’s Center every 10 weeks.

“The training is about 1,500 hours, or about a year in all,” Williams added. “They’ve been in school about 20 to 25 weeks at this point. So, they’re about halfway through the program.”

The final touches being put on a haircut


The Aveda team set up makeshift stations throughout the common area where the students provided cuts and tamed facial hair under the guidance and occasional assistance of their instructors.

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