Why do we celebrate Christmas in August?

It’s simple:  Christmas in August is our way of raising  SAM_0071awareness that homelessness and hunger are not just seasonal issues, but are year- round concerns.  It’s normal to give around the holidays, but the the issues of homelessness and hunger extend far beyond the traditional Christmas holiday celebrated in December.

By giving a special Christmas in August gift, you can offer someone in need, like Olivia (pictured right) hot meals, safe shelter and clean clothes to wear.

Join in the Celebration

Your gift of $20 will provide three nourishing meals, safe shelter and spiritual support for a day.  Your gift of $40 will provide meals, shelter and support for two days, $60 for three days and so on.

You can give online through our safe and secure donation page by clicking here or give by phone by calling us at 205-323-5878.


We can’t help others without you!  Send your gift now to provide hope this Christmas in August.