Only the Lonely…

         Justin celebrates after                        receiving his G.E.D.

Growing up, Justin didn’t have his parents around.  His uncle was the only family member, the only one who helped to raise him. “I was lonely,” Justin recalled.

As he got older, there were bad relationships and the lure to do drugs. “I never did drugs,” Justin shared.  He was very proud of that fact. “But alcohol became my best friend.”

 The alcohol use grew progressively worse. “I had a bad car wreck,” Justin said. “But somehow I walked away without a scratch. I knew I needed help though.”  Justin’s sister knew about a place called the Jimmie Hale Mission. In all his life, Justin never dreamed he would end up here. “Yet, here I was; after my court date, I ended up staying!” he said.


From Lonely to “Tired”
As Justin went through the program, he worked on getting his life back. He started work again, but he quickly realized the restaurant jobs he was used to, wouldn’t help his recovery. “Being around alcohol wasn’t good for me,” Justin shared. “I was tired of not having my degree because I knew without that, nothing would change.”

“I wanted to change! I wanted a degree, a good job, and a home,” he said. So Justin took advantage of the GED classes offered in the learning center.

Now, Justin has his GED and the doors of opportunity are open! “Thank you to everyone who never gave up on me,” Justin said.

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