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James Poe, Kitchen Supervisor (left) welcomes Nate Tipple from the Alabama School of Fine Arts (right)

A Tradition Continues

For the past few years the Jimmie Hale Mission has been blessed to have Ben Klein, a student from the Alabama School of Fine Arts, participate in a boston butts fundraiser for his school’s dance department.  The fundraiser has always resulted in the boston butts sold and the funds benefiting ASFA, while the cooked meat was donated to the Mission and served the homeless and hungry.

But who would take the torch once Ben finished his last year of high school in 2014?

Passing the Torch
Nate Tipple, also from the Alabama School of Fine Arts, gladly stepped up to the plate this school year and has donated approximately 75 lbs of boston butts to the Jimmie Hale Mission.

This all comes just in time for summer, a time when donations typically decline.  Now, the homeless and hungry we serve will be able to enjoy delicious BBQ all because of a very proactive and kind young man.

Thank you to Nate Tipple for considering the Mission to be the recipient of such a great fundraiser.

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