All my life I have been alone. Not just because I was an only child, but also because I was raised without any Biblical structure. I didn’t have God in my life for many years. 


Michael studying in our Stewart Learning Center

I’ve suffered with anxiety that has crippled my life. This led to self-esteem issues which eventually led to my alcohol problem.

Before I came to the Jimmie Hale Mission, I had completely given up on life. I was tired.  Everything I tried would backfire. My own attempts at sobriety failed. I didn’t understand at the time that alcohol and drugs were the least of my problems — my problem was spiritual.

I know that it was God that led me to the Mission. He’s the one that worked through the staff here to help me. He’s the one that led me to apply for a position here. He’s the one that leads me to this day, while I’m writing this testimony.

Recently, I was driving through downtown Birmingham, going to pick up someone from the hospital who needed to come to the Mission. I had the radio on a local Christian station and the announcer quoted a verse from scripture. That verse overwhelmed me and resonated with me the joy that I now have and the enormity of the events that led me to here. I was in tears.

I have been afforded a rare opportunity in life. Before, I rarely experienced joy; I experience it every day now.

Today, I feel his presence everywhere and in every facet of my life. I will be forever grateful to God and to The Jimmie Hale Mission for this chance.”

We are so blessed to have Michael on staff.  Your support not only made the program possible that helped him get back to life, but it also allowed us to hire him as a Resident Assistant and help him get back to work. 

Remember God works through YOU!   Click here to help other guys who are just like Michael at the Jimmie Hale Mission.