Mission Family,

While this isn’t a surprise to anyone, I have transitioned along with the Mission’s enterprise staff to King’s Home. I have had a mix of emotions over the last several days both in preparing for my final day with the Mission and beginning this new chapter with King’s Home. I was 21 years old and single when I came to work for the Mission in April of 2000. I had been the inventory supervisor for Just for Feet’s corporate warehouse, and their bankruptcy and subsequent closure left me in need of gainful employment. One afternoon I tuned my car radio to WDJC and heard the dulcet tones of Tony Cooper gracing the airwaves announcing the Mission’s opening of their very own thrift store and their search for employees. I called the number to Jimmie (with an “I” “E”) Hale Mission and Tony himself answered the phone. Within a few days I was filling out paperwork with Ms. Dale in the cramped business office area at Jessie’s Place, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I called that day back in April of 2000 not because I needed a job or income, although I did. I called because it was the Jimmie Hale Mission. I had volunteered and toured the Mission a few times with our Junior Civitan group in high school which gave me first hand exposure to the work of the Mission. However, prior to that, my family had a personal experience with Jimmie Hale’s mission. My granduncle, the once black sheep of his family, had received food, a place to stay, and encouragement at the old Mission campus. I remember my grandmother speaking about her uncle and how the Lord had touched his life through the work of the Mission.

Since joining the Mission I’ve had the pleasure of both working with some amazing people and watching the amazing work the Lord has done in individual’s lives. The slogan is true, in that the Mission’s product is changed lives. While I am excited about what’s on the horizon with King’s Home, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities provided to me and my family during my tenure with the Jimmie Hale Mission. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the friendships we have created, the memories we have made, and the words of wisdom you have given me; although, Tony, I am still struggling with “Yes ma’am”.

I can say with great pride that I have been an employee of the Jimmie Hale Mission, and I can say with great certainty that I am a lifelong supporter of its ministry.

In Christ,


Adam Hazel