Active Recovery


Active Recovery teaches clients to battle unhealthy compulsions, develop a future story and make value-based decisions. This program treats both substance abuse and poverty by leading people beyond rescue and to fulfillment. Once an individual is drug-free and has his needs met, he is then free to work on developing a better life.

Active Recovery focuses on six core principles:


  • Understanding Addiction: learning how the brain equates drug use with survival and chains us to our habits.
  • Dissecting Motivation: discovering which motivators lead to healthy outcomes and which do not.
  • Creating a Life Plan: developing a genuine, personal plan for physical, spiritual, mental, vocational and social health.
  • Identifying Values: learning how to differentiate universal and practical values and use them as a tool to direct our actions.
  • Value-based Decisions: uncovering individual, practical values to direct decisions. Through practice we develop habits in decision-making that take us to a place of fulfillment.
  • Emotional Maturity: identifying the perceptions which feed negative feelings allows one to recognize barriers to healthier emotions.

If you would like to download a PDF version of the application instead of completing the process online through the link above, please click HERE.


Clinically-structured group process

vocation & education advancement

no-cost recovery for our clients

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