Ashley and Alana at JP

         Ashley and Alana, during their stay at Jessie’s Place.

When Ashley found out she was expecting a little baby girl, she found herself worrying how she would take care of the new baby and her young daughter Alana.  “We were struggling and I had no support or family help … I was overwhelmed,” Ashley shared.

Ashley and Alana, a toddler at the time, had their own apartment for a while, but things got really scary when the little family lost their apartment.  That was Ashley came to Jessie’s Place.

When moms in need are offered parental support, it means a better life for the kids.  It can break the cycle of poverty.

Since Ashley and Alana (and now Adriana!) have come to Jessie’s Place, they’ve gotten the help and support they needed.  “Jessie’s Place threw me a baby shower and I was so relieved to get so many, much-needed baby items!” Ashley said happily.

Ashley and her girls have since moved out to their own permanent residence; Ashley has a promising career ahead of her and plans to finish her education, with help from our alumni program.

Thank you for helping moms – and kids – in need!  

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*Names have been changed.