Who else but God, working through Royal Pines, could radically change a life like mine?

Meth was my drug of choice.  For years I put meth above anything else.  I wanted to get sober, but I was really misled into how to do it.  I married a good woman and threw myself into my work.  We had a nice house, cars and all the trapping of success … but there was still a void.  And I began filling that void with meth — again.

This time around I knew I needed help and the best place to make a real change was at Royal Pines of the Jimmie Hale Mission.

When I first arrived, I was in a lot of pain.  But with God on my side, I made it through the first two weeks and then things started getting better.  After about two months, my whole life changed.  I finally got it now thanks to Royal Pines and God.

I’m pursuing Him daily and I have been radically changed for the rest of my life!

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