When Skyler first came to us, he was homeless and out on the streets.  He just wanted something to eat.  “I went to two other homeless shelters* first, but they were rough aSAM_1574nd
tough.  They were really scary places,” Skyler shared.  Skyler had asked around and a couple of guys told him to try the Jimmie Hale Mission.
“I just wanted something to eat, and I needed some clothes,” Skyler recalled.
So Skyler came to the Mission for a meal, intending to stay one night and not join the life recovery program.  “I came for a meal but once I got here and learned about the program – I thought they could really help me,” Skyler said.” 


More than a Meal
According to Skyler, he’s grown significantly in his spiritual walk since coming to the Mission a little over a month ago.  “Things definitely got better,” he shared with us.
“Work therapy really helps,” Skyler said.  He really enjoys working the front desk and helping other homeless men that come to the Mission for the first time.  “I like to help with intake because I really feel like I can help them, since I’ve been there,” Skyler shared.
When Skyler first arrived, he went straight to work on his classwork, including classes on personal character transformation, forgiveness classes and a class called Healing for Damaged Emotions.  “That was the hardest one,” Skyler said.
When asked about his plans for the future, Skyler mentioned his love of writing and how he would like to use that talent for God.

Skyler during a counseling session with staff member, Brian.

“If someone asked me why they should come to the Jimmie Hale Mission, I would tell them because the Holy Spirit is working here!

*Skyler mentioned the two shelters by name, but we excluded them from his testimony.