His daughter brought him here…20160402_122707
Howard’s kids didn’t want anything to do with him.  When he finally asked for help, his daughter Bethanne, was willing to bring him here to the Mission. That’s when he told her,“I’m doing this because I want to be there for you.”
Howard had started abusing prescription drugs when he was only 15.  That also led him to abuse alcohol as well.  “I ‘white-knuckled’ my life for years,” Howard shared.  “But eventually, things got out of control and I lost my job, my house and my family.”
“My mom, dad, brother and sister all died within an 18-month period,” Howard shared, “and that’s when things really got bad.”  Shortly after that, Howard received a DUI that led to a 3 1/2 year prison sentence. That was when he knew he needed to change.  

Since being at the Mission, Howard has been taking classes like Christian Maturity, Healing Emotions, and taking education remediation classes in the learning center.  “Although I am glad to be done with fractions!”  Howard laughed.  


“My kids are talking to me againmy son talks to me on the phone and my daughter even said ‘Dad, if you need me, just call,'” Howard said. “I’m so glad to be in their lives again.”